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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ol' Yeller

In 1978, when he was 38, Dad bought his first-ever new car (I think the 260 Z was used, could be wrong) [editor's note - click on the comment below for corrections to this]. It was a Mercedes 300D, in magnolia yellow, purchased from the now-defunct Jim Slemons Mercedes. Dad believed in giving cars the utmost in care and maintenance, and he kept it in near-perfect condition. Over the years he tried to pawn it off on us after we got old enough to drive, but it was so slow we always declined. Thank god, we would have destroyed it. All those years it sat unmolested in the garage, occasionally driven, and from time to time Dad would make noises about getting rid of it or one of us taking it to San Diego. I always refused on the grounds that it would be a shame to leave it outside, after so many years of being garaged. Finally, I got my own house in Pacific Beach (with a garage), and took the car off Patty's hands in 2006. It's my mission to keep it in perfect condition, but to drive it, as it's a great car for just about anything but going fast. People are blown away by the condition of the interior, which is 99% flawless, with not a single crack or discoloration. Car washes implore me to make sure it is always kept indoors, and be very careful with it, which is funny. If they only knew how long we've been benevolently ignoring it, they wouldn't be too worried. I will drive that car forever. Dad would like that.



Blogger Sharon Wasserman said...

The Z was new when we bought it. It had four seats, rather than the sportier 2 seat version, as you were on the way. Before that, we had bought an emerald green Dodge Dart, also new, which replaced his college Oldsmobile, bought by his loving parents. We sold the Dart to buy a new Sunbeam station wagon, gun metal grey with a racy red interior, which was our baby mobile until we bought the Ford LTD wagon, which you remember as Mark Whitefield's wheels in later years. He bought the Mercedes as his first big purchase as a single man. He would let me drive it from time to time, to collect you guys from wherever. I thought it was grand! I remember your being scandalized when I cruised through Belmont Shore with the stereo blaring. "Mom, we're telling dad!" He never minded, though.

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