Statebeach Stories

Random memories here and there of my dad, Thomas F. Crosby, Jr.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The purpose of this blog is... get down memories of Dad as they surface in our unreliable, uncatalogued brains. Submissions will come from the yout's (Scott, Brett, Julie, and hopefully computerphobe Tera), as well as those of the previous generation (Patty, Sharon, JP, and his friends and legal colleagues). The idea is to capture stories and snapshots of quintessential Dad without a lot of time commitment or hassle. Hopefully this becomes a substantial archive of material that illustrates the greatness and extremely idiosyncratic nature of Thomas F. Crosby, Jr.

-SC (Scott Crosby=SC, Brett Crosby=BC, Patty Crosby=PC, Sharon Wasserman=SW, DB=Dick Bonner, etc.)


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