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Monday, May 08, 2006

Ski Trips

Dad really tried hard to make family ski trips fun, and amazingly never lost his composure, even when being yelled at by Brett for his culpability in Brett's recent crash or inability to close the latch on his second-hand ski boot. And Dad thought we looked good in early 80s ski-wear. I suppose he was right.

Now I have to thank him, as both Brett and I will always be solid skiers, since he started us so young. The first trip was to Beaver, Utah, using $7 skis we bought at a garage sale. I think it was this trip that saw the coining of the immortal term "self-sufficiency on the slopes!" as a defense to another Brett tantrum.

But blaming one's parents for any sort of embarrassment is not unique to young Brett, as was well illustrated in the case of Sean Kelley, yellow pants, a parrot-print shirt, and a full tray of Laughlin buffet food...



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