Statebeach Stories

Random memories here and there of my dad, Thomas F. Crosby, Jr.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


The day Scott was born. We rushed to the hospital around 2 am, your
dad grabbing my already packed suitcase which included a yellow
layette, as in those days, noone knew what sex the baby would be. We
arrived a South Coast Community hospital in good time, the only
complication being that the Super Bowl was that day and both Tom and
Dr. White wanted me to hurry so they could see the game. You and I
tried to accommodate them, and you were born easily and well before
the kickoff. However, I was the only one to see the game, as your dad
and your grandparents were at the viewing window watching you sleep
for most of the game. I can't remember who played whom, but for a
couple of days, Tom threatened to name you after the winning
quarterback if we couldn't make a decision. As you know, a compromise
was eventually reached, thus the reason for four names.

PREQUEL: The night before, we were in an underground parking lot
after a UCLA basketball game, caught in the exit crowd, with the gas
gauge on empty. You were due on the 10th, and I was pretty nervous
that we'd not make it out of the garage, let alone home. Tom never
was one to worry about how much was left in the tank when it read
empty. I think he took it as a personal challenge to never run out of
gas, in any car, regardless of the risk.