Statebeach Stories

Random memories here and there of my dad, Thomas F. Crosby, Jr.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


When Tom and I were in the Peace Corps in Peru, we had several weeks a
year to take vacation time. During our second year, we had decided to
go to Brazil, which we could actually afford after saving for two
years from our $100/month/volunteer stipend. Best laid plans,
however, could not compete with a huelga general (general strike),
which affected all forms of public transportation. Somehow, we made
it to Lima from Arequipa and set out for an incountry trip instead.
We had heard of and were able to contact Gene Savoy, the intrepid
Andean explorer, and after getting directions and very little else, we
set out by auto, mule and foot to the jungles of Peru. I think we had
hiking shoes, hats, backpacks with sleeping bags, iodine tablets,
oranges and a stash of Sublimes, a Peruvian chocolate bar. We hooked
up with a guide and eventually found our way to the newly "discovered"
ruins of Kuelap (or Quelap). The site was just being excavated and it
was pretty exciting to be in on the early stages of this remarkable
fortress city-state. Your dad loved such adventures and was a very
accommodating travel partner. The only thing I remember being in
conflict about was the new Kodad Super 8 movie camera, a gift from
Grandma and Grandpa Crosby. Each of us wanted to do the filming, but
neither wanted to carry it, at least, not for long. I think it
eventually travelled on the back of the mule.

Kuelap was in the news the other day, and is apparently a major tourist site.