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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Aunt Betty on RMM and TFC

hi aunt Betty & uncle Sam,

was wondering if you could solve a family question for us.

I have a gold ring that is inscribed:

"TFC to RMM, 1907"

this is presumably from my great-grandfather Thomas F. Crosby Jr. to
my great-grandmother Ruth M. McMahon (Crosby). JP doesn't know what
Ruth's middle name was. I assume "Mae" like Ruth Mae, but we thought
you guys might know.

maybe you even remember the ring - it's a simple solid 18k gold
number, no adornments, very nice.

do you know what year they got married? do you remember when AT
McKash came on the scene?


Hi Scott, and Brett
I would love to help you with the mystery of the ring, but I can only guess. I would assume that a gold ring would be a wedding
ring. Could it be your great grand dad T.F.C. (Thomas F(.) Fulton Crosby) marrying Ruth Mae McMahon? 1907 sounds about right. Then Ruth Mae (oldest?) and Tom Sr. would have been born in there somewhere. Lucille was born in 1915. J.P. should know when his dad was born, maybe 1913? Lucille and Tom were married March 3, 1939 (they were engaged for 5 years). I
was 13 and remember they bought a house in North Long Beach,(on Magnolia Ave.) near Tom Sr's mom, Mrs. McCash (McKash?). When Tom Jr. (your Dad) was born, I used to baby sit him at that house. He was so cute!
They had a big Chow dog. Sam thinks it was named Ming. Tom's sister, Ruth Mae, lived with her mom then.
Ruth Mae was crazy about Sam (we called Sam Crosby then (his middle name). Ruth Mae and all my family were so happy when we got married. You have to realize that we had known each other since our early teens.

As I remember, Mrs. McCash was a big smoker, but so was everyone including my Dad. My mom never smoked or drank alcohol and Tom Sr. used to sneak some booz into a pitcher of lemonade or whatrever. My mom, Anna was so sweet
and nice that she didn't say much but we all knew she didn't like it. J.P. was born later, in 1946(?) when they moved to Belmont Shore. He actually was c;uter than Tom Jr. and almost won the cutest award until Brett came along. Now I think Lindy has the cutest crown for sure!!! Sorry Scott, I didn't mean to exclude you. This is the historical trivia for now.
Lots of Love,
Aunt Betty
P.S. Scott, we still need to look at your old photo's.


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