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Random memories here and there of my dad, Thomas F. Crosby, Jr.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Dad is alive

Or he was in my dream last night.  It's fading, but here's what happened:

We were at Grandma Lucille's at 354 Orlena (torn down years ago, sad).  Dad was there looking old-ish -- early 50s maybe, kind of grey -- and had some counselor or somebody with him.  

I said, "Dad you look great, nice and thin."  But what I meant was, "I can see you haven't been drinking, your skin looks great."  His skin was always flaking off in big chunks because of alcohol-induced psoriasis.  Anytime he stopped drinking for a few days, his skin instantly improved dramatically.

He smiled wryly, because he knew what I meant.  He had finally come to terms that his drinking was killing him, and he wasn't indestructible.

The rest is hazy, but it was a really fun & positive dream.  I hope it means his essence/soul whatever still lives.



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